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The Web Controller is a powerful web based remote administration tool for Windows 2003 web hosting server (version 2008 for 2008 server family / coming soon). It should also work on windows xp on ntfs drive and required windows components installed.

Web Controller provides administrators with the tools they need to manage and maintain their websites easily and efficiently using only the web browser. You can use wc to sale hosting services or for your personal email and website management needs. Amongst other things, Web Controller allows you to do the following:


Open Source and free to use or modify.
3 Level of administration for Server Admin, Reseller, WebsiteAdmin
Mange Iis website, create delete, modify. Domain, subdomain etc.
Mange ms Dns server, auto created with site creation.
Manage Ftp, auto created with site creation.
Manage xMail Email server, with webmail, included, spam filters.
Manage mySql, msSql database servers, phpmyadmin included.
Front page server extension.
Support asp, asp.net, php, perl, python vbscript, javascript etc.
Website creator and ready shopping system.
App installer for open and packaged softwares (coming).
Disk space and bandwidth monitor.
Multi language support. Create your own language file if needed.
Auto signup , auto create a website domain or subdomain or email account.


You can contact me at mokarrabin@hotmail.com by email or msn messenger. Stats

Different levels of administritive roles explained :

Server Administrators

The server administrator is the owner of the server which hosts the sites and sets up the entire system. ServerAdmin's have the highest level of control.

The server admin is also a default reseller, that means the server admin can perform the tasks that a reseller can do. Such as website & plan creation.


Server administrator can create Resellers, who are directly responsible for creating and administering the web sites, and WebAdmins own the web sites on the web server. Each reseller may create and administer one or many (domain or subdomain) (depending upon the assigned quota) Web Administrator & website. Resellers can only alter or delete domains which they created.

Web Administrators

WebAdmins are the actual owners of the web sites setup by the Reseller, and their control is confined to their personal sites. WebAdmins can control all aspects of their site, Web Controller has been designed to give users the authority to manage their own situation with the least amount of outside intervention.